Appraisal Services


The appraisal services of our company are based on national and international appraisal standards (IVS).

Scope of our appraisal business include reporting services for machinery and real estate appraisal and also reporting services for real estate-based rights and benefits.

Real Estate Appraisal,

  • Plots and lands
  • Factories and Production Plants
  • Commercial Buildings (Offices, Stores…etc.)
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotels, Holiday Villages, Accommodation Facilities
  • Marinas and Ports
  • Golf Facilities
  • Fuel Oil Stations
  • Logistics Buildings
  • Residential Properties
  • Entertainment Facilities and Theme Parks
  • Quarries and Mines
  • Dorms
  • Highway Recreation Facilities


Appraisal of the Real Estate-Related Rights and Interests,

  • Rent Value Appraisal
  • Superficies Value Appraisal
  • Resource Rights Appraisal


Market and Sectoral Research Reports,

  • Shopping Centers, Hotels, Lojistics, Ofices, Student Dormitories, Service Station Sector..etc


Feasibility Studies,

Location Analysis,

Goodwill Appraisal Studies for Projects and Buildings,

Urban Transformation Consultancy and Goodwill Appraisal

Strategic Advisory,

Project Appraisal Studies,

Highest and Best Use Studies,

Tender Process Management Counseling,

Portfolio and NPL appraisals,

Real Estate Training Activities,

Title Deed Due Diligence Reports,

Opinion Reports for Evaluation of the Assets