Construction Investments Progress Reports

Technical counseling with independent and professional approaches is required during the development of investment projects by real estate investors and finance organizations. The following services are provided by the specialized staff of our company. 

  • On-site follow up and proper use inspections of the allocated loans for investment projects that are financed by loan institutions
  • Monitoring and reporting cost and construction projects
  • Preparation of Project Progress Survey Reports
  • Inspection of the Legal and Actual Use Status of Building Areas
  • Analysis and Reporting of Official Documents
  • Technical Due Diligence 


For which transactions is Technical Counseling Required?

Banks and Financing Organizations that provide loan financing for quality and large-sale projects require a "Project Progress Survey Report" with independent and professional approaches during the loan release stage.

The following issues should be controlled by our experts during the delivery of this service.

  • Project progress due diligence and work schedule control
  • Up-to-date Costs
  • Expenditure Controls
  • Comparison of the compliance of realized and budgeted costs and reporting to loan financer

Besides, the measurement of the compliance of the physical areas considered in the investments considered by natives and foreigners to official documents and the identification of differences if there are any, and the examination and reporting of the physical conditions of buildings.

The license examinations of buildings in all aspects; the inspection of their official documents, the identificaton of incomplete documents and reporting of the results.