Research and Reporting

Eva Real Estate Appraisal Company –taking initiatives every time to launch novelties in its sector, as with its research & reporting department providing professionally research services since 2010, in charge of conducting field research, software planning and development, database development, cross analysis of integrated data pool and reporting. Regional as well as sectoral market analysis studies issued from time to time by this department are available to our customers.

Our services include the following;

Market Analysis and Sectoral Research Reports

  • Branded Housing Sector Report
  • Turkish Shopping Center Sector Report
  • Office Sector Report
  • Hotel Sector Report
  • Dormitory Sector Report

Customized Market Analysis Reports

  • Market Analyses on Macro Scale (by Nation/Province)
  • Market Analyses on Micro Scale (by District/Road)
  • Comparative Analyses

Sectoral Facts and Analyses Covering Economic Data

  • Periscope Magazine
  • Periscope Analysis