Urban Transformation

Our Urban Transformation Department is capable of providing project coordination services for the entire of an urban transformation project to be carried put for the reconstruction of problematic urban areas and/or buildings – including project stages from the identification of ownerships and zoning plan conditions on different scales and contexts, to compiling new projects, goodwill studies by theoretic calculations based on former and new developed projects, providing support in land registry and municipality procedures and in contractor selection.

Such project studies are performed under the framework of LAW 6306 FOR TRANSFORMATION OF AREAS UNDER EARTHQUAKE RISK.

In transformation projects for individual buildings, we provide - in cooperation with our business partners (architectural, legal, technical and similar) - coordination for the following services;

  • Collecting information about zoning plan status,
  • Preparation of preliminary/draft project in coordination with Architecture Office, 
  • The presentation of studies to landlords and obtaining their views,
  • The preparation of legal and technical specifications based on the generally accepted project in coordination with Law Office,
  • The tender process with construction companies including the preparation of preliminary specifications,
  • The assessment of offers obtained in tender process, together with landlords,
  • Further cooperation throughout the process of agreement with construction company based on tender offer accepted,
  • Coordination of the procedures at land registry offices together with landlords or the technical commission assigned by landlords,
  • Coordination of services rendered by legally qualified companies for risk analysis services ((following up procedures for objections against the building exposed to risk, following up exemption documents after the objection, following up the demolition notifications process once the risks for the building is determined)
  • The management of the appraisal study process to be performed by Capital Markets Board licensees related with the building exposed to risk under law,
  • The organization of the process for meetings required under law and meetings for the building exposed to risk under the supervision of public notary,
  • Notifications inviting to agree with the legal decision within 15 days, to landlords objecting/failing to agree with such,
  • Management of public auction process for landlord denying to agree with legal decision and executing all procedures and transactions on behalf of the building management,
  • Periodical technical auditing and reporting for the building until completion of the construction and delivery under the agreement with contractor company and written notification of the auditing reports to landlords or to the technical commission assigned by landlords, In transformation/urban renovation projects for shanty housing regions – we provide in-house and in cooperation with our business partners the following essential institutional services;
  • Performing highest and best use studies for the region
  • Identifying analysis, usage analysis and number of storey analysis
  • Performing appraisal studies
  • Reconciliation and research for required projects and contractors
  • Contractor selection
  • Following up the procedures as required under law